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Find the simple solution for all your Audio & Video needs . . . and more!!

Smart Home Solutions

Audio & Video Installations is what we do best.  Let us design a system to fit your lifestyle.  
When we are all done all you will have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Solutions to Consider

The beautiful thing about a good "Smart Home" is that it can be customized to be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be, both now and in the future. That's what we offer.
  1. Choose your Remote
    Choose your Remote
    From Tablet to Phone or hand-held
  2. Wireless Internet
    Wireless Internet
    Get strong signals where you need it
  3. Voice Control
    Voice Control
    Take automation to the next level
  4. Streaming Audio
    Streaming Audio
    Enjoy your tunes everywhere
  5. Lighting Control
    Lighting Control
    Control your lights from anywhere
  6. Television
    Install TV's where you want them
  7. Comfort
    Control your thermostats
  8. Outdoor Living
    Outdoor Living
    Turn your outdoors into inside comfort
  9. Security
    Cameras to show who's there

What we can do for you

Chicagoland Wiring is a licensed general contractor in the City of Chicago.  Our specialty is "low voltage wiring", but we also offer a variety of services that will add value to your home.  Our custom work has given us the flexibility to creatively meet the needs of our customers.  We want to be your one stop shop.  If we can't do it then we will help you find someone who can.  Here is a list of possibilities:
  • Installation of TV's and surround sound systems

  • Installation of audio systems for single or multiple rooms

  • Installation of Smart Home devices and systems

  • Installation of phone systems and internet networks

  • Installation of universal remote controls

  • Pre-wiring of new homes during construction (phone/cable/data)

  • Installation of lights and lighting controls

  • Installation of security cameras and intercoms
  • ​Drywall installation and repair

  • Painting (interior/exterior)

  • Small to medium remodeling projects (i.e. kitchens/bathrooms)

  • Framing out and finishing of unused living spaces (i.e. basements)

  • Custom woodworking projects (i.e. benches/cabinets/shelving)

  • Project Design and Managing 

  • Floor installations and trimwork

  • Tiling (backsplashes/floors)